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Polygraph Lie Detector
Test from $495.

Call or text Examiner
before you pay.

Take a Lie Detector Test in Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Tampa or San Diego.

  • Theft within either the business or home (employees, guests, relatives)

  • Infidelity including signs of a cheating spouse, or significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiancé, etc)

  • Lie detection test inc

    Sexual Allegations

Polygraph examiners are professionally trained graduates of APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited schools. They are private examiners, and not employees of any government or police agencies. As such, there are no conflicts of interest, and test results are always kept in confidence.

The polygraph instrument is often referred to as a lie detector or detection machine. Accuracy of polygraph testing is 80% to 95%, for determining if a person is actually lying. Failure rates may be increased if the participant lies to the polygraphist during the pre-test interview.

Polygraph testing has received an increased level of media and news coverage in recent years. From a worldwide perspective, we see reports of suspects passing or failing lie detector tests, and police and government officials requesting suspects volunteer to be tested. The growing popularity of television programming in legal areas such as family law, crime, and government court has brought more awareness to the general public regarding the benefits of polygraph examinations. Often, our own clients need to obtain the truth in similar matters of crime, legal issues, or security.

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